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fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

29 Oct – 1 Nov, 2014

Silhouettes, Inside Outside brought together classical musicians, visual artists, silhouettes, shadow art, the audience and the space within and without a giant three-sided canvas. You can listen, you can watch, or you can grab a brush and make your mark on the canvas.

Following on from the success of Paint What You Hear, Artistic Director Erica Rasmussen has created Silhouettes, Inside Outside to encourage adults and young people to engage with music and visual art in an innovative and interactive way. Joining her on this project are some of Melbourne’s best contemporary classical musicians, violinist Andrea Keeble (Ad Hoc Music Collective), flautist Elisse Kleiner and sound artist Nat Grant, visual artists Sam Haycroft (Afterwhite), Natalya Garden-Thompson and Marita Jacobsson, and lighting artist Annabel Warmington (La Mama Theatre). Silhouettes of the musicians will be created as they perform and the artists will capture their outlines. As the musicians take shape on the canvas, the audience will be invited to add colour to the silhouettes in response to the music. The performance will also feature a new piece by Nat Grant.


Shu Shu Zheng


Natalya Garden-Thompson

Hannah Valmadre

Photos by Shadow Zone Photography