Crashendo! workshop with Ed Boyle - ERICA RASMUSSEN
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Crashendo! workshop with Ed Boyle

Crashendo! workshop with Ed Boyle

My favourite part of the workshop was the pyramid because I got to be tall for 30 seconds!!


Last week circus artist Ed Boyle visited Crashendo!

The workshop began with some games. The kids had to choose an action to match different colours. Eg. blue – touch the wall, orange – tummy on the floor, purple – sit cross legged. There was much shrieking and laughter! Next, Ed brought the energy levels down with some challenging visualisation.

I learnt how to stay calm and express myself.
I learnt that being your true self can be great with lots of emotions and feelings when you’re in peace.
I learnt how to visualise your imagination by pretending that it’s actually happening.

In the second half of the workshop, Ed asked everyone to get into pairs. They were asked to sit back to back and without holding hands, try to stand up. Then stand on each other’s toes and trust each other by leaning back. With some practice and a lot of falling about, most pairs got it to work!


We learnt to work hard with other people and be a better team.
My favourite things was when we picked a partner and we had to race in between each other’s legs.

And finally we worked together to create a human pyramid. Starting with strong cat, dog and penguin shapes, the kids trusted each other to carefully stack on top of each other.

It was really fun. I really enjoyed doing the workshop with Ed Boyle.

Thanks, Ed! See you next term!

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